Wee Walls Wednesdays * tri_ANGLES

February 27, 2013

Triangles or dots to brighthen up dull white walls?

Photos: via Simply Grove
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Made in Belgium Mondays * Chat Mechant - Label to Watch

February 25, 2013

When Liesbeth and I met the two wonderful ladies behind Belgian brand Chat Mechant over a year ago, we knew we should be keep an eye on them. And look at this! This summer is going to be so bright and beautiful.

Chat Mechant. Liesbeth schreef een jaar geleden al 'Chat Mechant rocks'. En kijk nu toch, gelijk had ze!

Photos: Onderstebove
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Wee Walls Wednesdays * Sweet Bunny Wallpaper

February 20, 2013

Today I am loving the new bunny wallpaper collection by Studio Ditte!!!

Photos: Studio Ditte
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Tutorial Tuesdays * Free Fox Mask Printable

February 19, 2013

Cute carnaval freebie by Eefje and Maike from wonderful Dutch blog MoodKids. The printable instructions are in Dutch, but the images are self-explanatory. You can download the file here!
Tons of more free MoodKids printables here

Photos: MoodKids
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Made in Belgium Mondays * Mer du Nord Summer 2013

February 18, 2013

What started out as a brand for quality knitwear, is now a well-known Belgian brand for mums and their daughters, which - unfortunately for you out there - is only available in Belgian concept stores. The summer collection of Mer du Nord can be found over at ISSUU.

Photos: Mer du Nord
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ToutPetit Thursdays * Meet the Blogger

February 7, 2013

From the moment I got back from the Meet the Blogger event in Stockholm, my girl does not want to jump like a kangaroo anymore. She now wants to fly like a bird. I bought her a pair of colorful, Swedish Mini Rodini leggings with parakeets and she loves it! I am thinking about getting more lovely stuff from this cute summer collection. 

Meet the Blogger was such an inspiring event! We met Tracey from Chalkboard Living, a blog on living with kids showcasing stunning photography. Then there was Jeanette - such a lovely person - from the amazing blog ByFryd and Will, who is as colorful as his blog Bright Bazaar.  

We hadden het erg gezellig in Stockholm met Maike van Moodkids, de DIY-blog voor trendy mama's uit Nederland. Maar we leerden op het 'Meet the Blogger'-event in Stockholm vooral inspirerende interieurbloggers kennen. Uit Nederland en Vlaanderen: iloveeco, interiorator en VTWonen.

Mijn meisje vond het maar niets: 4 dagen zonder mama. En ik heb haar ook gemist. Dus bracht ik haar een paar Mini Rodini leggings mee: eentje met blauwe parkieten. Weg is haar ambitie om te leren springen als een kangoeroe, want Anna-Lune leert nu vliegen! ;-)

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Wee Walls Wednesdays * Laundry-Day

February 6, 2013

Such a cute DIY to color the walls in a girls' room. Ariadne at Home is a Dutch magazine with more of these wonderful ideas. You can download the clothing items here.

Het Nederlandse magazine Ariadne at Home toonde dit heerlijke waslijntje van behangpapier. Dat is eens wat anders als al die behangbeestjes!

Photo: Ariadne at Home
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Tutorial Tuesdays * Bear T-Shirt

February 5, 2013

I love all of the free printables Oana Befort creates. Look at this cute bear print T-shirt! Thanks, Oana, for sharing.

Photos: Oana Befort
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Made in Belgium Mondays * Fred & Ginger Spring-Summer 2013

February 4, 2013

I like Belgian brand Fred & Ginger a lot. Funky designs, sparkling colors and a wee bit of nostalgia. Unfortunately, you cannot buy their sweet collections in Germany, nor online. But it is worth a regular trip to my friends in Belgium.

Jammer hoor, dat Fred & Ginger nog steeds geen webshop heeft. In Duitsland vind je ze ook al niet. Gelukkig ben ik vaak genoeg thuis om eens één van hun winkels binnen te wippen en m'n meisje in hun vrolijke retrokleuren te steken!

Photos: Fred & Ginger
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Spring Saturdays * Can you feel Spring in the air?

February 2, 2013

I just like how these first new collection pictures popping up just seem to fitting together.
The golden shoes are by high-quality brand Bisgaard, the gorgeous dress is by Dutch brand Jottum.

Photos: Jottum & Line+Liv
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Funky Fridays * A Perfect Summer Collection by Hilde & Co

February 1, 2013

Oh, yes! Hilde & Co, another Belgian kids brand, proofs you don't need to be mainstream to be cool. Shiny brown, glittering blue and cute shirts are all part of this perfect summer collection.

Oh, applaus voor Hilde & Co! Met een zomercollectie die lekker anders is dan anders. :-)

Photos: Hilde & Co
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